OLYMPUS Universal ALL-IN-ONE Tower
    Perform GI Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Arthroscopy, Laparoscopy and Urology Surgeries.

    Olympus CV-180 Processor

    • 1080P Pure HD HDTV HD/SD SDI output.
    • NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
    • Keyboard
    • Pigtail
    • 100-240v~ 50/60Hz, 150VA

    Olympus CLV-180 Light Source

    • NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
    • 300w Xenon
    • Water bottle
    • Light Guide cable
    • 100-240v~ 50/60Hz, 500VA

    Olympus Camera Head

    • Used with rigid endoscopes.

    Olympus UHI-3 35L Insufflator

    • Hose
    • Yoke
    • Power Cord
    • 110/240v~  50/60hz, 150va

    Olympus Laparoscope

    • 10mm x 32cm 0 degree

    Olympus GIF-H180 (NBI HD Full Screen)

    • 9.8mm outer diameter insertion tube 2.8mm channel diameter 103cm working length 4-way angulations 210°/180° Up/Down and 100°/100° Right/Left. 140° field of view.
    • Biopsy forceps
    • Air/Water buttons
    • Water cap
    • Case

    Olympus CF-H180AL (NBI HD Full Screen)

    • 12.8mm outer diameter insertion tube 3.7mm channel diameter 168cm working length 4-way angulations 180°/180° Up/Down and 180°/180° Right/Left. 170° field of view.
    • Biopsy forceps
    • Air/Water buttons
    • Water cap
    • Case

    26" LCD HD Medical Monitor

    • Power cable

    Olympus WM-D60 Cart

    • Scope Hanger
    • Power cable

    Stryker SDC-HD recorder

    • Take Video / Still image from Endoscope!
    • Download to USB DVD or network.
    • Power cable

    Photo Printer

    • USB cable
    • Power cable

    Endoscope Leak Tester

    • Works with all Olympus Endoscopes 

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OLYMPUS CV-180 Universal Platform HD Tower

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